New Jersey Weddings & Event Limousine

Party Bus & Limo NJ is really a professional hire for your wedding or event! From your first contact with our event / wedding coordinator, you will be impressed with the experience and personal attention received to create a package for you memorable wedding or event.

Our Wedding & Event Services Include:

Weddings Limo & Party Bus

Many couples planning a limo or party bus to leave town and stay in a family hotel. Brides and grooms often increasing the limo or party bus pick them up after the reception. We also provide transportation to the hotel or airport. We offer a variety of financing innovative and unique that adds an extra day of your wedding trends. Party buses and Limo buses are available to transport guests.

Immaculately clean new luxury limousine or party bus will arrive at your door in time, if not before. You will be provided with water and ice in the fridge cab. We even have a special wedding CD for you to listen to as a “let’s go to church.”

Tuxedo driver will be with you in church, so be sure to keep your shirt clean and dry. We even provide feedback for bridesmaids! From the bridal party walks down the aisle before the bride, the driver will stay with you to help with the finishing touches. When that magical time came for the bride to enter the church, the driver “hollowing “the train of the gown look good on the back, too.

When the ceremony ended, we started lovely red carpet for their bus Rolls Royce, Limousine, SUV or country for a bucket of champagne flutes and crystal glasses. His driver, along with their guests, will make the first toast to you as “man and wife” and a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider. Asher drivers make you feel pampered and indulged.

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